MEA Getaway is perfectly situated over the long weekend of MEA fall break. Just in time for you to break your routine and go spend some quality time with some quality people. It’s Up North. As in, AWAY. (Part of this was right in the title, so you got a freebie there.) Life is lived large at camp. There are giant hot tubs, a giant swing, and giant cookies. Each night we gather for singing, skits and a message from our featured speaker. The combination of inspirational and fun music, a hilarious skit piece brought to you by our creative team, and faith-challenging words from our speaker will elevate your camp experience each day. At MEA Getaway there is time to laugh, play, chill with friends, and dig into what does it mean to follow Jesus.


Camp Address: Castaway Club. 51709 Co Hwy 31, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Camp Dates: October 21-24, 2021

Arrival Window: 8:00 – 9:30pm

When your group arrives, send one head leader into the office to get cabin assignment.

Camp Ending: 12:30 on Sunday

If you would like your teen to participate, but are not affiliated with any group, you can contact us to find a list of participating churches. Head Leaders from each church will give you information regarding registration, price, transportation and counselors.

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